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The Victory Bands 1928 - 31
Victory bands label
'Lost' light music from the dawn of electrical recording.

This CD contains a treasure-trove of music which was so popular between the wars that no one thought to preserve it - so it has now become virtually inaccessible to the modern listener.

Recorded between 1928 and 1931 by a number of different bands and light orchestras under the pseudonym 'The Victory Band' this is the music you would have heard on seaside piers or in light orchestral concerts during the 1920s and 30s.

These cheerful and spirited renditions include some pieces which were believed 'lost', but have now been re-discovered and transferred to CD for posterity.

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Produced in collaboration with Symposium Records
'Symposium' is the registered trade mark of Symposium Records, 110, Derwent Avenue, East Barnet, Hertfordshire EN4 8LZ - UK
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£9.00 (UK)
£11.50 (ROW)

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1 Vale of Health - March

17 Bajaderentanz

2 Kindergarten Polka

18 Dancing Dervish

3 Lucerne Valse

19 Post Horn Galop

4 Yoik

20 Irish Jigs

5 Tarantella

21 Bolero

6 Country Dance No1

22 Petronella

7 Turkish Patrol

23 Captain Kettle

8 Il Corricolo

24 Cornelius March

9 My Little Caravan

25 Stephanie Govotte

10 Xylo Nights

26 Old Country Dance

11 Morgenblätter

27 Vivette - One Step

12 Paprika

28 Real Ow'd Lancashire Clog Dance

13Ancient Gigue

29 Ravenscroft

14 Tangier Tango

30 Mazurka des Traineaux

15 Marche Aux Flambeaux

31 Snap Shots

16 Cuckoo Galop

32 Finale 1812

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£11.99 (UK)
£12.50 (EU)
£14.00 (ROW)

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