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Lottie and Lisa

by Erich Kästner


This story, from the pen of Erich Kästner of "Emil & the Detectives" fame, shows yet again his unerring ability to communicate with children and to unfold a spirited and gripping story.

Read by
Diana Humphrey

When Lottie Horn from Munich meets her double &emdash; Lisa Palfey from Vienna &emdash; at a holiday camp, sparks fly. Eventually the two girls start to compare notes about their lives and begin to to uncover a whole mysterious past which neither of them suspected.

They hit upon a daring plan to discover the truth &emdash; then the fun, and the nail-biting test of their nerves, really begins....



Set of 3 Orange Book CDRs
in 'Album' jewel case
 Read by Diana Humphrey

With incidental music specially composed and played by
Julia Amos

Total running time: 2 hours 50 minutes
No longer available.

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