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Rollercoaster Records

Skiffle, Rock & Roll. Wide selection

Paul Morris Music

Historic organ recordings and wax cylinders

The City of London Phonograph and Gramophone Society

Largest U.K. society for machine collectors and record enthusiasts

West of England Group
of the C.L.P.G.S

Meetings of phonograph and gramophone collectors in Cornwall, Devon,Somerset & Dorset

Ian Calderbank's Gramophone Help Website

Lots of useful gramophone information for beginners + items for sale

Ted Kendall Sound Restoration

Specialist in tape and obsolete digital media transcription

Dick Davis's Vintage Wireless Website

Several 'vintage' radio replicas and how they were made.

Peter Copeland's Sound Restoration Manual

Vital information for all sound restoration operators

Wax Cylinders / Cylinder data

Basic information about wax cylinders

Mark Berresford & VJM's magazine

Jazz records and Jazz & Blues collector's magazine

The Guitar Junky

The history of jazz from Gottschalk to Gillespie

Matei's Butchers, Southdown, Bath

A new butcher's shop opening in Mount Road


Bath Ceilidh Folk Dance

Folk dances in the Bath area

Somersetshire Coal Canal

Historic canal with 'Caisson Lock' boat lift

Dorset & Somerset Canal

"The Canal that Never Was"

Trams for Bath

Campaign to sort out Bath's traffic problems

East Twerton & Oldfield Park History Society

Interesting talks on the history of the area

Whisper and Shout

Children's educational entertainment

Setting up broadband

- with UKonline and a Zyxel router

Microphone tutorial

Understanding the different basic types of microphone and how they work

Decibels and noise

Useful information for anyone dealing with sound levels

Life Before Vinyl

Radio programme with 78s

Sun & Moon Stories in Stroud

Storytelling for children


Community radio in Wiveliscombe

Robert Armitage

Custom-made Furniture

Wright's Hardware

The shop that's always worth a visit

Compton Theatrone Organ from the Rex, Aberdare

A restoration project

'Free Grid"

The obituary of a famous contributor to Wireless World

Moss Naylor Young transport planners

Canal planners

The Christmas Quiz

Themed quizzes for family fun

Rogue builder


An easy-to-make DIY skirt suitable for men.

Sex & Gender

A beginners guide to the difference between sex and gender

Julia Amos's website

A children's book about memory loss and the Air Transport Auxilliary

Jones the Butcher

Our local butcher, Tony Jones

Stealth Camper van conversion

Converting a Toyota Hiace van into a camper that can still be used as a van

Wind Sock for a Tascam DR-05

Easy-to-make wind sock for a hand-held recorder

Pathé Projectors

Circuit diagrams of the Vox, Supervox and Son amplifiers.


Useful information on specialised microphones and the Bass Tip-Up phenomenon

The von Manstein Recordgraph Project


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