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Other Services

POPPY Records can offer a range of other services.
Please contact us for details

Trade enquiries from bona-fide record dealers are always are welcome

adm@poppy records  dot co dot  uk

+44(0)1225 335974

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Wax cylinders recorded to guaranteed specification for calibration purposes

Professional transcription service to the recording industry - specialising in 78s and unusual formats.

Museum service - copying recorded artefacts to CDR format

Sound archive research into methods of recovering sound from 'unplayable' artefacts

Design and construction of specialised electronic and electro-mechanical apparatus for transcription and research purposes.

Sound editing services for re-issue, broadcasting, theatre, public exhibition and special events

Transcription of family heirloom recordings to CDR format:

Wire recordings
Pye Magnetic Discs
Disc records of all types

Repairs to Reslo ribbon microphones and other vintage equipment (please ask for details).

Sound reinforcement and public address for indoor and outdoor events