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Transcription Services

+44(0)1225 335974

POPPY Records can offer a range of transcription services to CDR or other formats:

"Voice Records" aluminium discs

Voice record envelope
Voice record with silvery surfac and red label

(packing instructions)
(more about Voice records)

Transcription discs of all kinds


7", 10", 12", 13", 16" - up to 21"

Any speed

Lateral or vertical cut

Coarse groove or microgroove

Nitrate, 'acetate', cellophane or gelatine

Aluminium, glass, cardboard or galvanised iron

Centre or rim start

RIAA, Blumlein or BBC 'D' characteristics

Coupling sets & Demo discs

Undamaged, damaged or broken
(subject to examination)

Transcription disc

(more about disc transcription)

Wax cylinder playback
Black wax cylinder

(more about wax cylinder playback)

Wire recording playback:

Boosey & Hawkes

Webster Chicago wire spool
Minifon cassette

(more about playing wire recordings)

Recordgraph loop playback
Ammertape box with Recordgraph loop

(more about Recordgraph playback)

Pye and Telefunken Magnetic discs
Telefunken Magnetic disc

(more about playing magnetic discs)

Blue Dictabelt
Also in red or green

(more about playing Dictabelts)

Grundig Stenorette


Stenorette cassette

(more about Stenorette cassettes)

If your recording is in a format not listed above, it may still be possible to play it by adapting an existing machine or by constructing a special playback device for the purpose. Please contact me to dicuss the possibilities.

adm@poppy records  dot co dot  uk

+44(0)1225 335974

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