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Grundig Stenorette Transcription Services

POPPY Records can offer a range of transcription services to CDR or other formats:
Grundig Stenorette
Picture of Stenorette with cassette and microphone

Grundig "Stenorette" office dictating machine

The Grundig Stenorette office dictation system used conventional 1/4" tape wound up in a plastic cassette. The tape ended in a loop which was slipped over a peg in the driving spool of the machine. Unlike conventional tape recorders, the tape was driven by being wound onto a captive spool which rotated at constant speed; as the driven spool filled, the tape speed increased. This speed variation, and the non-standard casette spindle fitting, makes Stenorette recordings difficult to play correctly on conventional tape recorders, so an original machine must be used. Poppy Records has a specially-modified Grundig Stenorette machine for playing back these recordings with the best possible sound quality.



Tape material:

Cellulose tri-acetate

Tape width (inches):


Recording time (minutes):


Drive spool hub diameter (centimetres):


Drive spool speed (revolutions per minute):




Stenorette cassettes are held together by a rubber retaining ring underneath the top cover. After several years of storage, this ring perishes and disintegrates. A failed retaining ring will alllow the spool to fall out of the cassette and spill the tape.
To prevent this from happening in the post and tangling the tape, please wrap your Stenorette cassette with elastic bands before posting it.