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Personal recordings

Have your own recording made into a wax cylinder.

Music and speech up to a maximum of 2 min 10 sec

High quality electrical recording process

  • Running speed 160 rpm
  • Groove pitch 100 tpi
  • Dimensions to suit standard Edison mandrel
  • Approx running time: 2 minutes
  • Recorded on high quality wax blanks as supplied by Paul Morris Music
  • Suitable for playback on most cylinder phonographs


Wax cylinders lose a little of their quality at each playing, do not play your recordings unnecessarily because the sound will soon deteriorate.

Wax cylinders are extremely fragile and will break if dropped or mishandled. Please read handling instructions carefully.


Do not expect miracles: With electrical playback, wax cylinders can give quality approaching the sound of a good 78 rpm record; but with acoustic playback on a cylinder phonograph the sound will be distinctly 'telephonic'.

Many playback machines cannot cope with heavy bass or emphasised high frequencies, the playback device will jump and damage the grooves. Avoid having too much low bass and high treble in your recordings - even if they don't cause damage, you won't hear them through the playback horn anyway; also, the overall recording level will have to be reduced to accommodate them, so the rest of the recording will sound quieter than normal.

Wax cylinders are monophonic, stereo originals will be converted to mono (equal channel weighting) when recording them to cylinder.

All musical compositions and written texts are automatically copyright under English Law. The recording or re-recording of copyright material is illegal unless the consent of the copyright holder has been obtained in advance. If in any doubt, please contact the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society for advice. Please do not send recordings from commercial CDs, LPs or 78s for copying unless they are accompanied by proof that you have the recording company's express permission.

POPPY Records reserves the right to refuse to make recordings which in our opinion are illegal or offensive or unsuitable in any way. Most countries have severe penalties for 'passing-off' fakes as genuine articles. POPPY Records cylnders will be indelibly marked so that they cannot be mistaken for historic artifacts.

This service is not available for making copies of of commercial recordings or for test tones. Please enquire if you wish to issue cylinders commercially. Please see our range of calibration cylinders for test tones.

You can send your recording on a CD by post or as an e-mail attachment online

You can pay by personal cheque (UK only) or online through our web shop

Please e-mail your requirements or enquiry to:

adm@ poppyrecords[dot]co[dot]uk



£20.00 + postage

More details of the recording process

Details of packing and label dimensions