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Frank Newman at the Organ
of the Plaza Cinema, Rugby
and Lozells Picture House, Birmingham

Re-live the genuine atmosphere of an afternoon at the cinema in the 1930s.


Whistle along with the cheerful little Wurlitzer at Lozells Picture House - just as thousands of picture-goers would have done in the 1930s.

Marvel at the subtleties and skill of Frank Newman's playing on the Christie at the Plaza Cinema, Rugby - He truly was "The organist's organist" and did much to encourge serious and skilled musicians into the ranks of cinema 'unit' organ players.


Most of these tracks have come from test recordings saved since the 1930s by Frank Newman's family, which were never issued for public sale. They include popular film themes, pieces originally written for light orchestra, several classical renditions and one of Frank's own compositions (Cinderella's Shoe).

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Set of 2 CDs
Orange Book CDRs
with 8-page booklet
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Track List (2-CD set)
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First CD

1. Whistling Mose (Reed-Hoffman)

2. Father Rhine (P.Lincke)

3. Down South (Myddleton)

4. Castles in Spain (Ancliffe)

5. Musical Comedy Favourites:

  • Dancing Time (Kern)
  • I'll see you again (Coward)
  • Spread a Little Happiness (Ellis)
  • Come Boys (Romberg)
  • The Desert Song (Romberg)
  • The Blue Room (Rogers)

6. 'Coon Among the Chickens (Ives)

7. Fleurette d'Amour (Fletcher)

8. Idyll Arabe (Chaminade)

9. Cinderella's Shoe (F.Newman)

10. Granny's Photo Album (Green)

11. Give Me Your Heart (Gade)

12. In the Shadows (H.Finck)

13. Le Régiment de Sambre et Meuse (Turlet)

14. George Gershwin Selection (G.Gershwin):

  • S'Wonderful
  • Looking for a Boy
  • That CertainFeeling
  • The Man I Love
  • Oh, Lady Be Good
  • I'll Build a Stairway to Paradise
  • Wait a Bit Suzie

Second CD

1. Le Père, la Victoire (Ganne)

2. Canzon di Maggio (de Micheli)

3. Præludium (Järnefelt)

4. Childrens' Dance - Miniature Suite (E.Coates)

5. Savii Love Song (N.Grebel)

6. The Voice in the Old Village Choir
(Kahn - Woods)

7. Spring Song (A.Hollins)

8. Moontime (Collins)

9. Scene du Bal - Miniature Suite (E.Coates)

10. Love's Last Word is Spoken (Bixio)

11. Selection of Sanderson's Songs (W.Sanderson):

  • Drake Goes West
  • My Dear Soul
  • Spring's Awakening
  • Up from Somerset
  • Friend O' Mine
  • Until.

12. Memories of Grand Opera:

  • Grand March [Aida] (Verdi)
  • On With the Motley [Pagliacci] (Leoncavello)
  • Anvil Chorus [Il Trovatore] (Verdi)
  • Grand March [Tannhauser] (Wagner)
  • One Fine Day [Madame Butterfly] (Puccini)
  • Prelude Act III [Lohengrin] (Wagner)

13. Biography of Frank Newman
(Read by his son, Anthony Newman)

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£16.99 (UK)
£17.50 (EU)
£18.00 (ROW)

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